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We Have 10 Years Experience
In Professional Masonry Services

About Us

We are FPG Chimney & Masonry LLC, a company established in the city of Lombard, IL
60148. Our phone number is (630) 890-3402.
We have been in this market for ten (10) years now. We do both commercial and
residential jobs, and we cover a 28 mile radius.

FPG Chimney & Masonry LLC is passionate about the environment, therefore we are aneco-friendly company. Also, for our client´s contentment, we are licensed and insured. In addition, our estimates are 100% free of any charge whatsoever.

We stand apart from our competition because:
1. Client’s satisfaction is our main guarantee.
2. Our quality in customer service is second to none.
3. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not offer unnecessary services.

FPG Chimney & Masonry LLC counts on a very talented team using the best materials and tools on the market. So if you need any chimney or Masonry Repair service, you should contact FPG Chimney & Masonry LLC at (630) 890-3402. One of our proficient specialists will answer any questions you may have. If you rather have a written quotation, we will be delighted to extend you one free of any charge whatsoever.

Our Professional Services




Why Choose Us?

FPG Chimney & Masonry LLC deserves to be your first option to provide you with the best service  you can get.
FPG Chimney & Masonry LLC has the best team in our favor. Our experience and high-
quality services have made us recognized in such a competitive field. We have a team of experts who have the knowledge and the best techniques to do an impeccable job.
Truly, chimney work is highly complicated. It is a job for experts and, FPG Chimney &
Masonry LLC is one of them. Nobody will give you more for your money. That is a promise Now that you know us, we are confident that you will choose wisely by hiring us for any job related to your chimney. So please, don’t hesitate and call FPG Chimney & Masonry LLC at (630) 890-3402; a skilled professional will be delighted to address any questions you may have. If you choose to ask for a written estimate, we gladly issue one 100% free for you.

Our Latest Projects

What Say Our Clients?

FPG Chimney & Masonry LLC excels in these services; this, we are your best option for your precious chimney. If you need any chimney services, please, don’t hesitate and call us at (630) 890-3402. One of our professional staff will answer any questions you may have, or if you choose to have an estimate, we will be more than happy to issue one without any charge at all.